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Experience is what I need most.
I'm accepting commissions for toys of most genres. Do contact me at sabsabby85@gmail.com for more information yeah :)



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Tuesday, July 29, 2008                      

It's been a busy week. Anyway, I just got my latest inspiration from a friend. Care to guess what I'm up to? Would probably start after I'm done with my current MasterPiece :p

the beauty exposed ;

Saturday, July 19, 2008                      

Revoltech: Nemesis Prime (Now on eBay!)

Reviewed by Action Figure Customs on the 25th of July 2008

Given their nature of milking every Optimus Prime toy line available, it's a wonder why Takara didn't create his alter ego - Nemesis Prime. Well, I decided to try out a Nemesis Prime for the Revoltech line. It's been a real challenge though! I guess I underestimated the challenge in painting this little figurine :p

I imagine Nemesis Prime to be one with a dark soul overwhelmed by hatred with a longing for pain. I wanted to bring out the depth of this character through it's very striking red and teal highlights.

I used a convoy revoltech to repaint it into the darker more sinister Nemesis Prime! I coated it with primer as the material was kind of rubbery. First time working with such a surface. Gave him a jet black base coat. Think I hit almost 8-10 layers of black and silver paint for him! My favourite was of course the teal. No Nemesis Prime of mine will be complete without teal. His chest plate was given the most sinister red that I could find. Really gave it all I've got into creating the perfect figure with all possible detailing. Too bad I didn't have a Decepticon logo to paste on him. Maybe his new owner could do that? haha.. Probably gonna upload this piece of art to ebay soon if I could get over the loss of this beauty. Do keep a lookout for it yeah! :)

the beauty exposed ;

Tuesday, July 8, 2008                      

Transformers the Movie: Jazz Version 2 (Now on eBay!!!!!)

Reviewed by Action Figure Customs on the 11th of July 2008

Hi all!!! I'm back! Yeah! Just managed to upload these 2 models for my updated Jazz. Tried to give him a more accurate colour scheme faithful to the movies. Buffed, polished and waxed to get a very smooth finish. Managed to get some weathering in as well in certain parts of the body. Also, rest assured that all the pictures taken are not doctored or edited in any way to give it a more than accurate representation. Have linked it up to Ebay as well for those custom lovers. The auction is for 1 Jazz figure :) Stay tuned for my other customs. Been trying to find time to work on figures like the movie Barricade, Starscream, Blackout, Brawl, Optimus Prime and Megatron. It's all bits and pieces everywhere. Oh, and I'm also currently accepting commissions of transformer toys in the movie lines If interested in an estimate, please contact me via the gmail account on this blogger account sabsabby85@gmail.com

Latest update on the 16th of July: 1 piece of Jazz has been sold. Just 1 left!!!

the beauty exposed ;

Wednesday, July 2, 2008                      

Transformers the Movie: Jazz Version 1

My first attempt of repainting Jazz. Tried to give him a stylish diecast feel with detailing. Jazz was airbrushed with multiple layers of specially mixed paint, buffed and finally waxed to get the desired finish. Oh and, do forgive the poorly taken background. Gonna get a proper set-up real soon. Stay tuned to other customs. Been really busy with school till some of my other works are left hanging halfway on the shelves. Oh and, I'm really forgetful. I've forgotten to actually take pictures in car mode. Well, feel free to leave your comments though! :)

the beauty exposed ;

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