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Experience is what I need most.
I'm accepting commissions for toys of most genres. Do contact me at sabsabby85@gmail.com for more information yeah :)



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Thursday, April 23, 2009                      

Project Devastator

Some of you may have already known about this. So here's the official pictures. A collaboration with Frenzy Rumble! Do enjoy the pictures!

the beauty exposed ;

Part 6: Scrapper

the beauty exposed ;

Part 5: Mixmaster

the beauty exposed ;

Part 4: Long Haul

the beauty exposed ;

Part 3: Scavenger

the beauty exposed ;

Part 2: Bonecrusher

the beauty exposed ;

Part 1: Hook

the beauty exposed ;

Sunday, April 12, 2009                      

Masterpiece Grimlock (Now on Ebay!!!)

Reviewed by Action Figure Customs

The first of my Masterpiece line. MP-08. Grimlock! In my opinion, Grimlock is one of the more majestic looking MP toys out there. Probably comparable to even Autobot Commander Optimus Prime. Maybe it's the chrome, maybe it's the bow tie, or maybe it's the fabulous details that Takara has given him such as a eye swap between red and blue chrome among the many. But in any case, that didn't stop me from giving him an upgrade. After the usual preparations were done, Grimlock was coated with silver and shaded. I then mixed smoke grey with my UV gloss and lighly coated him all over. I made sure that no efforts were spared in making him as detailed as possible without compromising his alternate mode as a dinosaur. Even his eyes in Dino mode was painted in metallics! Though that may not be very obvious in the pictures, it looks much deeper in real life. He was finished with an additional 3 layers of UV gloss and wax. And as all my other customs, Grimlock is very shiny and smooth to the touch!

the beauty exposed ;

Tuesday, April 7, 2009                      

Henkei Grimlock (Now on eBay!!!)

Reviewed by Action Figure Customs

Introducing number 9. Henkei Grimlock. Grimlock was an interesting character to handle. Not only is he not a vehicle, he was always depicted as a dull coloured grey in the G1 line. Grimlock was painted a shade of glossy grey by mixing highly diluted black with super clear gloss. His red at the torse was derived from a custom blend of red that is heavier than my usual glossy red colours. Also, due to my insufficient light set up, he may appear slightly darker than he actually is in real life.

the beauty exposed ;

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