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Thursday, December 25, 2008                      

Movie Optimus Prime (Now on ebay!!!)

Now Featured on Action Figure Customs !!!!!

Finally done. It's been a tough couple of weeks cracking my brains to find a suitable scheme for the movie Prime, but I must say that I'm pretty happy with the result.

This figure is one the main reasons why I wanted to take up customizing initially. I've always wanted to do up a full repaint of the Movie Optimus Prime but it was too complex at first. The multiple layering of colours as well as flames made it a nightmare for most customizers. My G1 Prime enabled me to understand the toy's design better while I planned for a colour concept that would be unique to him. 6 months after my 1st custom, I belief that I've managed to recreate a Movie version of Optimus Prime that is truly aesthetically pleasing.

Optimus Prime was given many shades of colours that range from sunset yellow to orange, red and blue. Most of the colours blend smoothly into one another. He was also given a Mirror Chrome finish on certain parts of him. Do note that this is the Hasbro version of Optimus Prime. He does not initially have any Chrome parts unlike Takara's Premium mold.

the beauty exposed ;

Movie Optimus Prime: MP-04 Trailer (Part 3)

Ok. Almost done. The trailer was pre and post shaded. Gave it a little weathered look. The inner parts of the trailer was dry brushed with 3 shades of silver. The repair dock was given a chromy metallic blue repaint. This is the 2nd most painful custom to repaint next to the Optimus Prime due to the size and sheer amount of surface area to repaint.

the beauty exposed ;

Wednesday, December 24, 2008                      

Movie Optimus Prime: MP-02 Commander Set (Part 2)

Ok. The MP-02 Commander set was customized to fit the colour scheme of the Movie Prime. The roller was coloured to a metallic blue. Dry brushed the gun with a few shades of silver and had it detailed with marine blue.

the beauty exposed ;

Movie Optimus Prime: TFC EX-002 Battle Roller (Part 1)

Ok! Just managed to finish up some parts of my Movie Prime. Presenting Battle Roller. Heh. I was in a hurry to take some pictures of him that I've forgotten to gloss him up. That's gonna be taken care of first thing tomorrow morning!

Anyway, this toy had some really loose joints from the box. I dripped some super glue to tighten them. He was given a pair of fists from a Gundam figure. I chose the slightly bigger fists as after some comparison, I kinda liked the bigger one better than those that fit him nicely. He was also given a random gun that I found within my gundam box.

the beauty exposed ;

Tuesday, December 23, 2008                      

My Apprentices!!! Ahahaha!! I've been so busy that I've roped in my bf and his friend Jeremy Beckman to be my apprentices. Not that they had any choice though! Muahahaha!!! Beckman just dropped by from San Diego to spend the holidays with his family in Singapore. Unfortunately, he met ME! *evil grin*
For starters, zero salary, no benefits, no off and leave, no ABC (Argueing, Bargaining and Complaining), no breaks unless I say so and whatever that you can think of that may benefit them, the answer is NO!!! So what do they get in return? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Hahahaahahahaah!!!!!! Made them learn some airbrushing and painting techniques by yours truly.

Well, it's been a really busy week. Hope to see you again Jeremy! And you still owe me some pictures of the Scorponok that you had me do :)

the beauty exposed ;

Thursday, December 11, 2008                      

Up next...
Movie Accurate Prime with tons of extras!

the beauty exposed ;

Tuesday, December 2, 2008                      

Transformers the Movie: Ratchet (Now on eBay!!!)

Reviewed by Action Figure Customs on the 5th of December 2008

Ratchet's something that I've longed dreamt of doing as I felt that the Hasbro/Takara molds do not do him justice at all. Even the Metallic/Best buy Ratchet was not even anywhere near droolsome. He may seem kinda yellowish green in the pictures but in reality, it's a little bit more to the greenish side (just a little). He was meticulously detailed and even his butterfly axe had the red patterns repainted. Ratchet was shaded and drybrushed and had anti UV gloss smacked on to him. Well, that's that. Always wanted to re-do Ratchet. So happy that I've finally done it!! And among all my customs, I dare say that pictures do not do Ratchet any justice as he seriously looks twice as nice as he is resting on my work desk right now.

I've also included a special weapon of choice. A 2.4 inch diecast spanner that really works! Heheheh!!!

the beauty exposed ;

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