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Wednesday, August 20, 2008                      

Transformers the Movie: G1 Optimus Prime now with Blade (Now on eBay!!!)

Reviewed by Action Figure Customs on the 15th of August 2008

Ok. As promised, here is the completed blade that I overlooked. Enjoy!

the beauty exposed ;

Sunday, August 3, 2008                      

Transformers the Movie: G1 Optimus Prime (Now on eBay!!!)

Reviewed by Action Figure Customs on the 15th of August 2008

I am sooooo excited about my latest Masterpiece! It's finally ready!!!!! My very own custom G1 Optimus Prime customized from a Premium Leader Class Optimus Prime. I've seen many great repaints of Optimus Prime but it seems that they're all customized to be as movie accurate as possible (What happened to G1??). Well, this custom however has broken that trend. It's designed to look as G1 as possible. The only 'flaw' to this repaint, is that due to the transformation from truck to robot, the legs are unable to be totally blue as per the MP-01 mold. Thus this custom is 100% truck accurate and 70% robot accurate.

Anyway, this great custom features ultra detailing! I've airbrushed, painted, dry brushed, weathered and highlighted the entire figure to be as realistic as possible!!! Well, let's see. After washed and dry, I gave him a coat of primer followed by a base coat of steel and gold. Anyway, I then gave him a nice overall chrome silver coating as well as 2 layers of gloss coat before I started on his primary colours of specially mixed red and blue paint. MP-01 had a chilli red colour scheme but I felt that it was too common and doesn't do this figure justice. Thus, I settled on a more intense shade of red and blue to give him a deeper character. Body parts were painted with a shade of silver and dry brushed for the steel effect. After all was done, I gave him another layer of gloss coat to seal in the paint before I started on doing some weathering and detailing for him. Before I ended the job, I gave him a glossy UV protection coat to prevent the colour from fading over the years. The end result, an ultimate work of art.

It was really fun to do up this mold but the things that peeved me off was that I had to completely unassemble the entire figure for a perfect paint job and that some parts are so tight that chipping is unavoidable no matter what I do. I'll also touch up any imperfections before shipping out. By the way, hehe...I was so excited in creating this character that I forgot to customize the sword!!! But no worries, the sword's a Work-in-Progress.

Also, I realized that unlike the MP-01 mold, I am unable to stick the Autobot Logos to the shoulders as it should be. I can't seem to decide where to paste the logos so I'll probably just include 2 Autobot logos for the winner. And in case you noticed, parts of the transformation (e.g. the legs) were deliberated so as to prevent unnecessary chips to the toy.

It really pains me to see my customs ending up on eBay almost immediately after I'm done but I guess it's not much of an option as I really need the income for my university expenses!!! Arghhhh...Well, I do hope that the winner will treat this artwork with lots of love and take extreme good care of it yeah!

the beauty exposed ;

Hehehe....here's some pictures of how I started on my G1 Optimus Prime. Figured that some of you might like to see the journey before the destination :)

Do stay tuned as I'll be posting the final pictures real soon!

the beauty exposed ;

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