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Working out in the gym.
Experience is what I need most.
I'm accepting commissions for toys of most genres. Do contact me at sabsabby85@gmail.com for more information yeah :)



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Wednesday, July 2, 2008                      

Transformers the Movie: Jazz Version 1

My first attempt of repainting Jazz. Tried to give him a stylish diecast feel with detailing. Jazz was airbrushed with multiple layers of specially mixed paint, buffed and finally waxed to get the desired finish. Oh and, do forgive the poorly taken background. Gonna get a proper set-up real soon. Stay tuned to other customs. Been really busy with school till some of my other works are left hanging halfway on the shelves. Oh and, I'm really forgetful. I've forgotten to actually take pictures in car mode. Well, feel free to leave your comments though! :)

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