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Tuesday, February 17, 2009                      

Henkei Bumblebee (Now on ebay!)

Reviewed by Action Figure Customs

The fourth installment of my Henkei series. Bumblebee. I was initially amazed when I laid hands on Henkei Bumblebee. I can't seem to understand why he had a white stripe to his side when the G1 version obviously doesn't. That had to go. Bumblebee was given a custom mix of orange yellow, to be as accurate to his G1 version as possible, while retaining my usual metallic chromy shine. He was shaded and detailed to bring this cheeky character to life. Sealed with anti UV gloss, Bumblebee will stay vibrant for the years to come!

Also, please note that due to my hectic schedule, I will not be able to accept any commissions for any of my ebay customs. I really hope that you would lend me your support in my auctions if you happen to like my work. Well, thanks for looking and happy bidding!

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