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Sunday, February 8, 2009                      

Henkei Cyclonus (Now on ebay!)

Reviewed by Action Figure Customs

To begin with, Henkei Cyclonus has some of the coolest looking chromy purple wings ever. That however didn't stop me from designing an even better colour scheme to complement him. I took some of the best paints that I had and spent countless hours experimenting before I managed to churn out a very metallic looking chromy purple that's close to the stock colours of purple chrome. He has been airbrushed with utmost care and shaded and detailed at every corner possible without turning this fearsome Destron warrior into looking overly colourful. Notice the very limited colour choices on Cyclonus without sacrificing the amount of attention to him. Well, enough said. I'll let the pictures do the talking. Also, I've noticed that not everyone would love Cyclonus to be looking glossy and chromy. If you're one of them and you happen to win this artwork, feel free to inform me and I'll give him a special matt finish just for you :)

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