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Sunday, February 15, 2009                      

Henkei Jetfire (Now on ebay!)

Reviewed by Action Figure Customs

Character Info
In the many stories of Jetfire told through the numerous Generation 1 continuities, there is one constant aspect - an early alliance with the Decepticon, which has served only to convince him to side with the Autobots. Jetfire's dedication to the Autobot cause is matched only by his devotion to scientific and technological advancement - this, he believes, is the only way in which victory over the Decepticons can be achieved. It is this overriding belief that tempers his bravado in battle, but nevertheless, he is often one of the most eager Autobots to plunge into combat, and his position as one of the fastest usually means he is the first to do so.

Function - Air Guardian

"Among mysteries of science lies the key to victory."
"The gale that encircles enemy lines at supersonic speed-- that is R-Blade!"
"Victory lies in the conquest of unknown mysteries."

The third installment of my Henkei series. Jetfire. The technique to Jetfire's paint scheme consists of a fusion between Gundam and Transformers. He was shaded, panel lined and had a layer of metallic red airbrushed on him. White has never been an easy colour to work with due to the numerous layers of paint needed before the desired shade of white is obtained. He was then clear coated and protected with anti UV gloss for that extra radiant shine and protection.

Jetfire was given a pair of Gundam 1/100 fists as well as 2 additional weapons. A hand held Grenade Launcher which fits snugly into his hands as well as a Beam Rifle!

Also, please note that due to my hectic schedule, I will not be able to accept any commissions for any of my ebay customs. I really hope that you would lend me your support in my auctions if you happen to like my work. Well, thanks for looking and happy bidding!

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