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Born on 29 Jan
Undergraduate :(
Working out in the gym.
Experience is what I need most.
I'm accepting commissions for toys of most genres. Do contact me at sabsabby85@gmail.com for more information yeah :)



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Monday, May 18, 2009                      

Henkei Punch/Counterpunch

My 2nd special edition Henkei. Punch/Counterpunch. Painstakingly modded, he will feature 3 very special add ons in the next few days. Do keep a lookout. He was finished with an additional 3 layers of UV gloss and wax. And as all my other customs, Punch/Counterpunch is very shiny and smooth to the touch!

Special add on 1

Does anyone feel that a spy needs weapons? Tons of them? Well, of course he does! Apart from all the super cool weapons, Counterpunch was given a small blade as well to slice up nasty decepticons whom he suspects are doubting his identity. Just a little stab of the blade at the right spots and those memory circuits are fried!

Special add on 2

How about some fast and furious flying action with some custom jet packs! Punch and Counterpunch each have their very own unique jet packs that have been modified to fit snugly to their respective backs. Spying has never been so fun!

Final Special add on!!!

What good is a jetpack without some flying action?! The final add on is a base specially customized with High Gloss Grey to bring out a mirror like effect! Spying has never been so fun!!!!!

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